Organic Sugar is still sugar

Organic sugar is still sugar…just sayin’. Really – sugar in small quantities is fine for most people, obviously doesn’t work on a keto or low carb diet except for in very minute quantities. Yes, it makes everything delicious and you should choose organic over conventional sugar. But I challenge you to eat as little of it as possible. I don’t care if you’re an athlete or a sedentary office worker. It’s not good for any of us.

Why is it bad for us? The problem is that it’s straight refined carbohydrate. It spikes insulin and doesn’t provide any other nutrients. All foods that aren’t refined provide vitamins and minerals along with fiber, protein and fat.

Sugar (sucrose) is 50:50 glucose and fructose. Glucose is the same as blood sugar, one of the essential fuels for the body. It should be limited in the diet because your body can make its own. Fructose is intensely sweet and gives sucrose its sweetness. It provides much of the sweetness of many fruits and honey. BUT, it’s processed by the liver and too much in the diet can wreak havoc on your metabolism leading to many problems.

Sugar used to be an occasional treat and throughout history. It hasn’t been available in large quantities for most people until about 100 years ago. It used to only be available to the super-rich and privileged…and many of them got diseases like diabetes and gout from eating too much of it at a time when those diseases were very rare.

So, I can’t tolerate really any sugar in my diet because it makes me feel bad and super hungry. Other people can enjoy it without seemingly any ill-effects, but I recommend you limit sugar in any form for optimum health. It doesn’t matter if it’s organic or not.

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