Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Someone had asked me to review this product, so here goes!

Nobody thinks ice cream is healthy. I generally think that ice cream (even though it’s delicious and wonderful) is one of the worst things you can eat. It’s a combination of high fat and high sugar and one of the foods that will make you fatter faster. For many people, it can be problematic – even when eaten in moderation. I don’t eat it because it makes me feel bad and do I not want to put on the extra fat weight from it.

Halo Top is positioned as a healthier alternative to ice cream. It’s lower in sugar.  It uses erythritol, “prebiotic fiber” (most likely inulin, is very sweet tasting) and the stevia together to sweeten it.

It has a pretty long ingredient line with lots of stuff in it.  But most of that is due to the cookie dough that’s added.  The cookie dough has a lot of ingredients in it that you should not eat, but the amount in there is low enough that it doesn’t matter.

There are only 90 calories and 7g of sugar in a half-cup serving of it.  That’s pretty good when you compare it against conventional ice cream.  But I wonder how many people will eat just a half-cup?

The “prebiotic fiber” in it is most likely inulin.  They should name the specific type or source of this fiber and it’s unfortunate that they don’t.  In any case, you should be careful with inulin because it can cause GI upset and severe flatulence in some folks.

One other thing that I noted about it is that the container is very light.  This means that it probably has a lot of air added to it.  This is called “overrun” in ice cream and is commonly used to make it softer and easier to scoop.  It also makes it less dense and allows the manufacturer to sell you more air.  Keep that in mind, value shoppers!

My verdict is that Halo Top is a good occasional treat.  Don’t go crazy with it.  Eat it sometimes but try to break your need for sweet things.  It’s still processed food.

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