Don’t Eat This

It’s hyper-palatable garbage that wreaks havoc on your health. You know not to eat this stuff. This food scientist is going to explain to you why.

Foods like Doritos are the worst offenders to the human diet. Seriously. They’re based on grains that are nutrient deficient and are refined into starch. The body turns starch into sugar. Blood sugar spikes, anyone?

If that wasn’t bad enough, chips are fried in industrial seed oils that cause oxidation and inflammation in the body. The chips are helping to break down your body after spiking your blood sugar.

The last and most insidious step is the addition of flavored “cheese powder”.  The cheese powder is the orange dust that coats each chip. It is a mixture of artificial colors, flavors and flavor enhancers (like MSG) that help make the chips addicting. That’s why no one can eat just one – they don’t provide any satiety and they’re engineered to taste so good that you can’t resist them. There’s not really any cheese in there anyway.

Preserve your health, don’t eat this shit.

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